How do I form or join a Bushfire Ready Group?

    1. To get in Contact with a Bushfire Ready Facilitator in your area email us
    2. Contact your neighbours to see who’s interested, tell them about your plans 
    3. Your Bushfire Ready facilitator will help you plan your meeting to suit your needs 
    4. We will come to talk to you and your neighbours about Bushfire Ready and how to work together to prepare for a bushfire. 

    What area do you live in?

    I am new to Denmark, how do I learn about what to do in case of a bushfire?

    If you are new to town, educate yourself as much as possible in all matters relating to bushfire warnings, what action to take in the event of a bushfire and bushfire preparedness.

    Get to know your neighbours, in particular, ask questions about what they have done, or are doing, in relation to preparedness. Contact our Bushfire Ready lead facilitator via email

    What area do you live in?

    What do I do if I see or smell smoke?